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June 27, 2008

A Twilight Zone Box Set

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You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, 200 tacos!

… Oh wait, you’re already here!

So on today’s platter of all good things $100, you have Twilight Zone Collection 5 on DVD. Not 1, or 2, but 5!  It costs $89.99 and not only will you get a nice set of DVD’s, but a super creeped/sick to your stomach at the end of watching! It was 29 episodes, including an all time favorite, “Eye of the Beholder.”

 Sigh. Maybe you should spend that extra $10 some flowers to cheer yourself up afterwards.


One Dual Burner Gas Grill!*

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From FAIL blog:

Have you ever wanted to own a gas grill? Or had dreams of having that perfect backyard BBQ? Well, now you can! For just $99*, you can be the owner of this dual burner gas grill at an amazingly discounted rate*!

Awesome right? Yeah, totally awesome.

* Does not include the price of assembly.


June 26, 2008

Or…do it the easy way!

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Sure you could spend 10 weeks doing the noble thing, or… you could do the easy thing! The right thing! (Disclaimer: The views of Hank the Bank neither reflects or represents those of 200 Tacos or it’s other authors, editors, or contributors) For only $99 you — YES! YOU! — can get started on constructive cosmetic surgery to correct nature’s mistakes! Look at all those “healthy” women in that picture!  DoctorsSayYes… now, will you?

“Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for as low as
$99 down and low monthly payments.* 
No one is turned down.”

June 25, 2008

10 Weeks of Weight Watchers

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You can get 10 weeks of a weight watchers membership! This does not include the price of food. Weight Watchers is not responsible for any excessive spending resulting from weight loss or weight gain.  Weight Watchers may result in a shopping addiction, arthritis due to holding items awkwardly in order to check food labels, and may even result in meeting jerks who are ONLY attracted to “healthy” looking individuals.  Also, please be prepared for a “Life style change” aka you can’t always eat what you want.
Monthly Pass

June 24, 2008

A hotel and two tickets to see Snoop Dogg, and an extra dollar to spare

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Talk about more bang for your buck!

Bang as in value, of course. This Wednesday, for just $99 you and a friend can see Mr. Dogg himself at Terrible’s Star of the Desert Arena in Primm, Nevada! This sleepy little casino town is home to three casino/resorts (Buffalo Bill’s, Primm Valley and Whiskey Pete’s) has a lot of value to it- in the winter, hotel rooms are less than $40 and you can buy prime rib for $9.99! That’s 10 cuts of meat for $100, people! Horse radish and au juice… yum…. 

After the show, you can make yourself comfy at your hotel room. Since this site is about buying stuff for $100, here are some recommendations for that extra dollar you’ll have from the deal:

– Tip money for cocktail waitresses who give you free drinks!
– One spin at a megabucks machine
– 100 spins at a penny slot 

and of course…

– $1 on red!

Happy travels!

June 23, 2008

14 half-gallons of Fosselman’s Ice Cream!

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Just so you don’t think we’re against small businesses in small towns, here’s a shout out to one of the best ice cream establishment’s ever … Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co. in Alhambra, California. This is unquestionably the largest threat to my ever expanding waistline. It’s a battle I look forward to losing everyday. Every. Day. You can get a half-gallon container filled with this nectar goodness of the ice cream gods for only $6.75 a pop. It’s a time-tested and proven taste that’s lasted for over 80 years! With the spare change, you can pick up a single scoop cone or two for the road. Sigh. (Fatass alert!) I hate how this site has turned into nothing more than an over-indulgent food blog.

Sign up folks! You can make a difference! Get your blog on today!

Fosselman’s awards include: 

“Best Ice Cream in L.A.” —  Los Angeles Times 2007
“Best Shakes in L.A.” — LA Times 2006 – Los Angeles Magazine 2007
“Best Ice Cream 2007” — Pasadena Magazine 2007
“Top 10 Ice Creams in L.A.” — CitySearch 2006, 2007
“Best Desserts in L.A.” — AOL City Guide 2006, 2007
“Best Ice Cream in L.A.” — Metromix 2007
“Best Ice Cream in L.A.” — Gayot Guide, Not for Tourist Guide, Black Book List 2006
“Most Delicious Bargains in L.A.” — Los Angeles Times 2006
“Family Owned Business of the Year Longevity Award” — Los Angeles Business Journal 2005
“Top 10 Places for Ice Cream in the US” — MSN 2003, 2004

More links on Fosseman’s:

Chemical explosion in your stomach!

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Everyone remembers that old science experiment in elementary school. The fake volcano that erupted through a combustible mix of baking soda and vinegar. Well, if you ever wanted to witness what that felt like in your stomach, look no further than the abomination that is… Gourment House in San Gabriel, California. I swear I could crap out a better steak after an all-you-can-eat Indian food buffet than what these idiots call “gourmet.”

Look at the picture above. Would you pay $18 for that? Well we did! $97.20 (BEFORE TIP AND TAX!!) for a 4 oz “filet mignon” that tasted like it was chewed by my sister’s dog before it was cooked; a prime rib so mangled and disgusting, I felt like gargling with Drano just to get the taste out; a New York steak so charred … well my sister actually liked it…; and the lamb chops made me want to puke. At least the Del Monte can of “creamed corn” was only $1.50. (more…)

June 18, 2008

NBA Finals Pack and more!

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The NBA … Where discounted champion’s pack happens. For only $65, you too can own the 2008 NBA Champion Celtics hat, shirt, and DVD. Of course, with the extra $35, you can also pick up an NBA Finals Adidas shirt and the official NBA Finals program just incase you forgot that the Lakers were involved, because they sure as hell forgot to show up in Game 6. That totals up to about $98. 

If you’re a Lakers fan, you can use that last $2 to buy your dignity back. Way to crap the bed fellas.

24.5 gallons of gas!

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With the national price of gas hovering around $4.07 a gallon (you wish, California!), that gas fight isn’t looking so fun anymore is it? Even if it is really really, ridiculously good looking.

12 ft. x 30 in. Metal Frame Pool

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the pool


$99.99 $169.99 

“Nobody builds a metal frame pool like Intex! With our SUPER – TOUGH liners and our high quality, incredibly strong metal frames, your customers will enjoy a pool that is easy to assemble, beautiful to look at, and certain to provide years of fun!”

How can you resist?  You heard them….”YEARS of fun”.  It’s an investment really.

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