Things you can get with $100

October 3, 2008

Quick Update

So far, the 200 Tacos Stock Challenge has kicked off without a hitch. Here are the rankings so far after two days of intense competition.

1. TruckwithouttheKey:
Profit: $2.30 ($102.30 overall)
Notes: Wachovia doubled the day after she bought it on news that Wells Fargo would acquire it. Citigroup is contesting because they had a prior deal with WaKo. Don’t give TWOTK too much credit. She also bought Gucci, which isn’t even a public company. (Meaning it doesn’t have stock.)

2. Kel Kel from Hell Hell
Profit: $0.00 ($100.00)
Notes: Has yet to make her picks. Thanks Hurt.

3. Hank the Bank:
Profit: -$2.99 ($97.01)
Notes: Nothing really happening here. Stocks were up and down because of the bailout bill.

4. The Hurt
Profit: -$4.34 ($95.66)
Notes: Bought stocks that she has never heard of, and still doesn’t know what they do…but still doing better than…

5. Tinmaker
Profit: -$10.01 ($89.99)
Notes: Complete and utter failure in the first two days. OUR FIRST DOUBLE DIGIT LOSER!


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